Who Controls Content Wins And She Who Controls Terminology, Controls Content

The year 2003 is drawing to a close, and we take this opportunity at the Globalization Insider to both look back a bit and to look forward at the same time. We open this issue with an overview of the LISA Forum USA (below) that just ended in Washington, D.C. Participants discussed (and even argued some) about streaming content, offshore outsourcing, standards, voice applications, translation web services, terminology, the semantic web, industry ethics, how to do business with the U.S. government and the effect of foreign policy on business operations. All of us did agree on two issues, however:
1. He who controls content wins, and she who controls terminology, controls content;
2. And that localization is not the enemy, but the enabler.

Rory Cowan, CEO of Lionbridge, asserts in this issue that the debate is over as to whether MLVs (multi-language vendors) have proven their worth (they have), and that globalization has indeed come to the translation and localization industry. Check out what Cowan has to say in the article entitled From Mozart to Mumbai, MLVs on the Move: A Review of Industry Progress (premium).
In a related article, A Shared Vision of the Future (public), the Globalization Insider interviews LISA members Documentum, TRADOS and Lionbridge to clarify for our readers what their recent announcement of the TRADOS Language Server for Documentum means for users and how it may impact global content management system (GMS) vendors.
Three of our editors (Andrew Joscelyn, Minako O’Hagan and Rebecca Ray) were brave enough to assess the predictions that they made at the beginning of the year. They do so in the rest of our articles in this issue: Were My Predictions About Europe Right? (public), Revisiting Minority Report on Localization 2003: A Translator’s New Memory with XLIFF and New Generation Intelligent TM?(premium), and Revisiting “From Tea Leaves to Coffee Grounds” (premium).

If you’re interested in what’s happening in India with regards to offshore outsourcing and our industry, check out LISA’s next event, LISA Workshops Asia in Bangalore, India from January 28-30.
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And for those of you who have been following the “Cola Wars” in Turkey along with yours truly, you will be interested to know that Chevy Chase is now back doing TV commercials for Cola Turka, in spite of Coca Cola’s official request that he not do so. The power of global branding and local tastes marches on!