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One of the main innovations in VERITAS in respect to virtual user modelling is the introduction and use of a multisensorial platform for the training of parameterized user models based on real user measurements in real testing conditions. The multisensorial platform is fully parameterized and adapted to the VERITAS application areas and will be used to capture user feedback while executing a number of tasks that will be mapped in the VERITAS virtual user models. VERITAS aims to analyze and to create detailed virtual user models for some selected disability categories extracted by the International Classification of Functioning (ICF). Virtual user models are created taking into account:

  • The physical, cognitive, behavioural and psychological models.
  • The analysis of real user needs and wants.
  • The incorporation of guidelines, standards and methodologies.
  • The training with real users and the relative feedback through the multisensorial platform).

The video that was produced demonstrates the usage of the platform during the measurement campaigns at various sites.